Sixers and Daryl Morey Are In Hot Pursuit of Rockets Star James Harden

Well if this isn’t the most eye popping, earth shattering, change the course of the country news hitting home today, I don’t know what will be.

Daryl Morey wants to waste NO TIME bringing in his star guard he spent almost a decade with in Houston, to Philadelphia. 


How would it work? Who knows, probably poorly but it’d be fun! Who could they trade to get Harden in the first place? Not sure of that either! Attention to detail is for losers and I live in a fantasy world similar to Narnia but instead of centaurs it’s pipe dream Philly sports trades.


There is about zero chance the Sixers can pull off a move for James Harden. They have the Tobias Harris and Al Horford contracts to thank for that. But my stance on Sixers moves from now on is this: Daryl Morey is not Bryan Colangelo, so I support every move he makes.


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