Dan Mullen Was Fined $25,000 For This. NCAA Is Drunk

The NCAA is a money hungry monster. We all know that and we have to accept that at some point. But this, this is insanity to me. Dan Mullen got tossed out of the game this weekend for sticking up for his guys. Fine, who cares right? But then after he got ejected he did this and got fined $25K.

That’s it. Took 4 and a half steps, pumped up the crowd and lost $25K. Could you image? I get it, he makes millions a year so what is $25K to him? Ummmmmm for throwing your arms in the air. It might as well been a billion dollar fine. The NCAA sucks and they can take their $25k and shove it straight up their ass. If I’m Dan I’m on the sideline all game long pumping up the crowd. I get it’s not the pump he was fined for it was coming back on the field but fuck it. Send a message Dan.

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