Kings Of The NFC East

The Eagles have a stranglehold on first like we’ve never seen before. Let’s look at the road they took to get here!

Week 1 loss to the team with no name. Week 2 loss to the Rams. Week 3 TIE with the Bengals, an improvement none the less. Week 4 first win came against a banged up 49ers team but shit a wins a win fellas. Drubbed by the Steelers in Week 5 but they might be the best team in the AFC not named the Chiefs so not on them. Week 6 a close loss against the Ravens, that’s what we in the biz call a moral victory! Week 7 BARELY snuck past the Giants BUT a wins a win baby. Then last night on Sunday Night Football a MASSIVE win over the Cowboys and their third string QB. Onto the bye week but this team is ready to make a run like no ones ever seen before!

So what if that fumble should’ve been ruled down, not on the Eagles the refs are just as bad as the Ben DiNucci. This division is ready for the taking! I estimate 5, 6 wins at the most is all it’s gonna take which is perfect because we play Dallas and NYG again this year.

Go Birds!

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