Highly Touted QB Turns Ball Over 4 Times In Ugly Game Against Bad Team With Rookie A QB

4 turnovers. Ugly game. Struggling to outplay a rookie QB.

Ugh, what a horrible performance yesterday from Jared Goff, huh?!

Guy was a turnover machine against the Dolphins as the Rams took a pretty surprising loss. They maintain a winning record, but it’s mostly because they went undefeated against the entire NFC East division.

In a tough NFC West division, Goff’s play just hasn’t been adequate enough and it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

Alright, let’s get to Carson Wentz because I know you clicked on this article looking to shit on him.

He made some indefensible mistakes, especially his first fumble. But the interceptions this season seem to be an anomaly given the past three seasons only produced 7 INTs each.

The much bigger problem is Doug Pederson’s rugged offensive scheme which produces no rhythm and no creativity. There is no flow. There is no direction.

Here’s a perfect example. Nearing the end of the first half, the Eagles have the ball on the plus side of the 50. If they run the ball once, which they had been doing very well, the game would hit the two minute warning. With only one timeout left for the Cowboys, it almost ensures they don’t get the ball back. The Eagles either score, or go into the half with a lead. What proceeded next was Wentz’s wild throw to the corner of the end zone.

The ball never should have been thrown, but the play never should have been ran! It’s far more concerning that this Eagles team opted NOT to have an offensive coordinator and now the offense has regressed.

Most fans are dreary and down today. But there is still a lot of reason for optimism. This offense, as it was constructed last night and in previous weeks, is just flat out not good. But with a clean bill of health (Knock on wood), they could be good. Every Eagles fan knows with Lane Johnson they sometimes look like the Chiefs. And without Lane Johnson sometimes they look like the Jets.

It’s hard to coach an offense and also play quarterback, with an arm tied around your back.

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