Five Positive Takeaways From Week 8 Eagles VS Cowboys

Okay Eagles fans, let’s starts out by saying last nights game was a monstrosity to watch. Both teams were outright pathetic. With that being said, there were some positives to take away from this game believe it or not.

1. Travis Fulgham

On behalf of all of Eagles Nation, Howie, thank you! Howie has gotten murdered on social media recently as we all may know and all you see is fans critiquing him from the Andre Dillard pick, the head scratching Jalen Hurts selection, to the infamous JJ Arcega-Whiteside pick over DK Metcalf. I myself am included in the Howie rants. The one thing Howie doesn’t get credit for is the waiver wire, and boy does it look like he struck gold with Travis Fulgham.

At first I’m not gonna lie, I thought the San Fran game was a fluke. Man was I wrong! This kid can flat out ball. All I notice from this kid is separation and his filthy release off the line. Fulgham also has a good set of hands on him as well. The takeaway from this previous game was that this kid is forreal. No other receiver since week 4 has more yards than Fulgham. NO ONE! He is also tied for 2nd amongst receivers in touchdowns since week 4 with 4.

It shows that his connection with Carson Wentz is very strong and that’s encouraging for us fans and the Eagles moving foward. I think this kid has a very bright future for the Birds.

My one real question is, how the hell did this kid end up on the waiver wire? What were the Lions and Packers thinking? Absolutely baffled those two teams let him go but I am oh so happy at the same time. Fulgamania is here to stay.

2. Brandon Graham

BG has been a man on a damn mission this year. He has already recorded 7 sacks through 8 games. That’s the highest total of sacks BG has had through 8 games in his career. Graham is currently on pace for 14 sacks, which would shatter his previous career high of 9.5 sacks in a season.

Graham has been playing with a different tenacity this season. Not quite sure if it’s the prove to the Eagles that he still has a lot of juice left in the tank, or a showing to the league to put some respect on his name. Regardless what the reasoning is it’s great to see BG play up to the potential we have all saw his whole career. What I took from this Cowboys game is that BG has been the glue that holds this defense together. Graham has easily been the most important player on the defensive side of the ball thus far this season and I don’t see that changing.

3. Jalen Reagor

REAGOR BOMBS!!! Well, not quite yet, but my boy Reags finally got his first touchdown and I couldn’t have been more happy!

If you follow me on social media (mainly Twitter) you’d know I’ve been apart of the Reagor hive since last year. The kid is a Swiss Army knife. There’s nothing this kid can’t do offensively. He’s so dangerous in the open field with the ball, and there’s so many ways Doug Pederson should be using him but hasnt. Best believe that’ll change after the bye week.

Though Reagor ended the game with only 3 receptions for 16 yards and a touchdown, I feel he’s going to be a focal point of the offense moving foward and that’s what I took away from last nights game. Wentz looked his way an awful lot, and it’s telling how much Wentz wants to get the ball to his new weapon.

For example, at the end of the fourth quarter when Wentz took that deep shot into the end zone, they’re the type of plays you can expect more often going foward. Though it didn’t lead to a touchdown, the connection was there, the cornerback just made an amazing play on the ball to punch it out. There’s no doubt in my mind you’re going to see more of that as the season goes on. The Eagles have a bright future in their two new wide receivers in Reagor and Fulgham and I know Wentz couldn’t be happier.

4. TJ Edwards & Alex Singleton Duo

Man, did the Eagles miss this guy! TJ Edwards was a man possessed last night. He was flying all over the field. If there was a tackle being made, he was either in the pile or around the area. Not for nothing, I think Nate Gerry may have lost his job last night. Let’s look at Edwards stat line.

Edwards single handidly had one of the best games from the linebacker position since Jordan Hicks. This young man has that firy passion too and you love to have players like that on your team. Lets hope this type of performance become a regular thing for Edwards moving foward.

Now let’s not forget about Alex Singleton here. This cat had an underrated game as well. Recording 7 tackles and 1 QB hit, Singleton also was flying all over the field. His tackles weren’t as high as Edwards but Singleton did a great job in coverage for the Birds last night. That type of stuff doesn’t show up on the stat sheet but it shows up in the film room.

If Schwartz wants to keep his job, there’s no way either of these two linebackers should be on the bench. Another thing I took away from last nights game is that the duo of Edwards and Singleton has a lot of potential and it’s something you have to mold and build around.

5. Josh Sweat

Unlike a lot of Howie Roseman’s draft selections, Josh Sweat was a home run. This guy has gotten better every year. In 8 games Sweat has already recorded more tackles (24) and forced fumbles (2) than he did all of last season. He is also on pace to have 10 QB hits and 6 sacks. For a 4th round pick, I’ll take that every Sunday. This is all on only 50% of defensive snaps as well.

Though this is a positive towards Josh Sweat, it’s a negative towards Derek Barnett. Sad as it is, it’s the cold hard facts. Sweat has outplayed Barnett this season and it shows all over the football field. At this point of the season you have to go with the better production and start giving Sweat more of the snaps. Lets hope that during the bye Jimbo comes to his senses and realizes it.

All in all, this team is frustrating to watch. One second they are abysmal, the next theyre driving down the field with ease like they’re the Chiefs. Hopefully Pederson and the team take this bye week to really look at their flaws and strengths and start fixing the simple mistakes that keep happening and start capitalizing on all the plays that they have left out on the field.

Oh, by the way, all you Eagles haters…. FIRST PLACE FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD!!

Gooooo Birds! Fly Eagles Fly

Featured Image: Philadelphia Eagles Instagram

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