Doctor Paid Over $90,000 For A Lamp He Thought Had A Genie In It. Seriously Though

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, someone paid over $70K for this

Daily Mirror: A doctor in India paid £72,000 ($93,000) for an ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’ after tricksters faked a genie and said it would bring him riches and good fortune.

Dr Leeak Khan told police in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh that a trickster pretended to be an occultist and made a genie appear from the lamp. But the genie was a second conman who was in on the swindle.

The impressed victim paid seven million rupees for the lamp but when he brought it home and a genie failed to appear he realised he had been a victim of an audacious scam and contacted police.

A couple things here. 1. Was the second guy covered in blue body paint? I assume he had to have been to really sell it.

2. How amazing was this presentation to trick a DOCTOR into thinking he just met a fucking genie? You need smoke machines, lasers and pyrotechnics the likes at which we’ve never seen to make a man believe that. Also did I mention he is a doctor?!?!?? I learned man. And not only did he think he met a genie, he then though ‘$93,000 for the lamp you say? Seems extremely reasonable for three wishes from this definitely real genie.’ I don’t care what he is a doctor of, medicine, dentistry or books. He has to give back his license immediately. Like right now.

Lastly, it reports that the two men were arrested and are currently in custody. Got to let them go. The fact that they got away with this is get out of jail free worthy. Can’t lock them up due to this dumb dumb forking over nearly 6 figures because he’s never seen a smoke bomb in his life. Can’t blame them for taking the opportunity. That’s like when you are buying something and the person working the cash register gives you too much change. It’s the right thing to do to not take it but if you do, that’s not your fault. This is exactly the same scenario.

Don’t steal $93,000 from people, unless they hand it over in exchange for a dusty old garage sale looking lamp. In that case, it’s all yours.

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