TI Explains How To Beat COVID. Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Going To Work

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For the record TI is not a doctor, just want to make that clear. So if you watch this video and you’re like, ‘that kinda makes sense.’ Go talk to a doctor first so they can slap you in the face. Anyway, on to TI’s plan.

Tea, that’s his plan. Actually, any warm liquid. So throat starts to hurt, grab yourself a hot chocolate. Good luck COVID trying to take on a pipping hot cup of Swiss Miss. Quick side note. No one ever buys a box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, they just have them. I’m roughly 90% sure they just come with your house. ‘Here’s the master bedroom, here’s the basement and here’s your 50 year old box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate you’ll never drink.’

TI is an idiot though and don’t listen to this. Wearing a mask stinks, we all hate it but drinking tea doesn’t prevent COVID. I don’t need to see a test or a pie graph, I know that for a fact. Also let’s not forget TI is the same guy that said his daughter’s Hyman is still intact on her 18th birthday. Not the guy I’d want providing me advice about health and safety.

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