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If you don’t know me then you probably don’t know my taste in music. Well, I can pretty much listen to just about anything and everything on any given day, I can go from rap to country to 80s all within the span of three songs. I cant actually say I have one true favorite genre of music but there is definitely one that has the slight edge over the rest. That would be Punk Rock. That might be a little surprising to some people but it’s true I a an emo kid at heart.

So it’s a rainy Friday and I’ve decided that it’s the perfect time to rank some of my favorite Pop Punk/punk rock albums. This list is purely opinion based and I don’t give a shit if you like it or not but please feel free to comment your opinions….


5. Blink 182-Enema of The State



From start to finish this album slaps and I wont stand for any slander. I’ll be honest though Blink is my all time favorite band. This album could have easily been number one. It has three of their most popular hits with Adam’s Song, All The Small Things, and What’s My Age Again. On top of those three incredible songs we also get Dumpweed, Going Away To College, and one of their more underrated songs Alien’s Exist. On top of this whole album being great, it also gave us probably one of the most iconic album artwork as seen above.


4. Fall Out Boy-From Under The Cork Tree



This might be a little too high for some people but again this is strictly a personal opinion list. This album came out like prime middle school years for me which was about when I really started getting into music more since that’s around when I got my first iPod. Regardless if you think number two is too high, this album is still incredible. We’ve got two of their biggest hits in Sugar, We’re Goin Down and Dance Dance. This is just another classic album from start to finish that will have you in full punk rock mode. Can’t forget about a little less sixteen candles, a little more “touch me” as I think that’s my personal favorite off this album.


3. Taking Back Sunday- Tell All Your Friends


I couldn’t not include the album that has one of my all time favorite punk rock songs. I’m talking about cute without the ‘e’ (cut from the team) it’s an absolute banger and if you don’t agree you’re wrong. On top of having that classic, we also have There’s no i in team and You’re So Last Summer. This is just one of those albums you can just put on and listen to the whole thing without skipping a song. It was a tough choice between this one and Louder Now to include on this list but I just feel like Tell All Your Friends is the better choice to include in this type of list.


2. New Found Glory-Catalyst 


This list easily could have just about everyone of New Found Glory’s albums on it but I wanted to spice things up. It was really hard to just pick one of their albums to include on this list but I think I decided on the right one. All Downhill From Here and This Disaster highlight this album but this is another one where you can listen start to finish and not be dissapointed. Add in No News Is Good News and At Least I’m Known For Something and you have yourself four solid songs on a great album in general.


1. Blink 182- Take Off Your Pants And Jacket


Like I said earlier in the post, Blink is my all time favorite band so there was zero chance that one of their albums wasn’t going to land in the top spot. I mean this album is an all time banger and I will not argue with anyone on it. There is not one bad song on this entire album and we got some incredible hits from this one as well. Classics like The Rock Show, First Date, Story of A Lonely Guy, Anthem, and that’s just to name a few. Go listen to this album and find a bad song on it and I promise you wont be able to do it. Going back and listening to old Blink really makes me miss the OG crew. Not to take anything away from their albums today but its just not the same without Tom DeLonge and I wish he would come back to the band.


Hope you all enjoyed this little Friday list and I hope you enjoy a punk rock filled weekend because I know I will.


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