No Body Checking? OHL May Leave Hitting Behind For 2021 Season

Intern Mitch

Its been rumored for months and here it is.

Darren Dreger says a decision has not been made yet, but Sports Net Canada says there has been a decision made. I am going to go out on a limb and say that Darren Dreger is probably correct.

According to Sports Net, Lisa MacLeod, Ontario’s Minister of Sport confirmed on Friday afternoon that there will be no checking in the OHL next season as a precaution because of the ongoing pandemic. They said it is because of several COVID outbreaks that have happened during the QMJHL’s season.

Hitting and checking are integral parts of the game, and toughen you up as you move on to hire levels. The reduction of hitting would open more space for more offensive players, and make this offensive league even more intense to watch.

There is just something that big hit in a hockey game though, it will surely be missed.

There is still a lot of questions that need to be answered before the OHL laces up in February, but it looks like they are etching out a great plan to get back out on the ice.

Couple sick hits in that video. Hockey without hits is going to be weird to see at such a high level.

-Branded Mitch

-Source: Sports Net

Featured Image- Sault Star

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