People Are Very Upset About The New Michael Bay Movie, ‘Songbird’


So the first trailer for the Michael Bay pandemic movie ‘Songbird’ dropped and people are PISSSSSSSSSSSSSED.

I’ll be completely honest, saw it and thought, ‘I would watch this.’ And then I went down to the comments and it looks like I was the only person that thought that. Most of the comments are ‘Read the room.’ ‘yeah, no one wants this.’ ‘Seems like they’ve been making this for awhile.’

To the first comments of, it’s insensitive and you shouldn’t make movies based off this, to that I say this:

Anyone have an issue with one of the greatest movies ever made that is about one of the worst things ever done? I mean let’s grow up a little people. Bad things happen, that’s true. But a movie about it doesn’t make it worse or do anything to harm people. Also, not sure if I’m breaking news here or not, movies aren’t real. People know that right? ET was just a little person in a costume and Casper was CGI. Also Santa isn’t real either. Know that has nothing to do with movies but maybe that will ruin someones day, fingers crossed.

Insane to me that the first reaction is to freak out and also at the same time, it kinda makes sense in the bizarre world we live in.

To the tin foil hat people out there saying they knew about this and this is all some type of sign that COVID was an inside job.

Collider:The initial idea for Songbird came from Mason and his writing partner Simon Boyes‘ desire to quickly shoot an iPhone film project while stuck in lockdown — but when folks like Michael Bay climb aboard as a producer, you ditch the iPhone and go for something grander quickly. Somehow, they managed to shoot the entire film during a global pandemic in just 17 days, utilizing a small, segmented crew and frequent testing.

These people are just the worst. None of these idiots will listen to reason so I don’t know why I’m wasting my time. But either way, I think this movie looks pretty decent. Kinda corny at the end of the trailer but I’ll definitely check it out. Even if a second trailer comes out and it looks awful, I’ll still check it out. If for no other reason than to spite the people that think this is distasteful. Petty? Sure, but I’m not above that.

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