Four Trades That Make Sense For The Philadelphia Eagles

The trade deadline is next week, November 3rd to be exact and the Eagles should be both sellers and buyers. They have a lot of holes to fill, especially at the linebacker and secondary positions.

The Eagles have several players who could be dealt before Tuesday’s deadline at 4 pm. One of the players being talked about being traded is Philly native Safety Will Parks. With the Eagles recently drafting rookie safety K’von Wallace in the fourth round, you have to figure that they want to start getting the youngster some more snaps and that leaves Parks hanging out to dry. I feel as Parks would have a decent market. The kid can play, but the problem is there’s just no playing time for him here.

I could see a scenario where Parks is dealt to a team who has had an injury at safety, such as Los Angeles Rams. The Rams just lost rookie safety and Special team stand out, Terrell Burgess to a broken ankle Monday night against the Bears, so they’re a team that could be in the market for a safety. I can see a deal between the Eagles and Rams looking something like

Eagles receive: MLB Kenny Young

Rams receive: S Will Parks

This is a deal that benefits both sides and is something that the Eagles should explore.

Another player I could see being moved is Javon Hargrave. Thought as one of the bigger free agency signings this offseason after signing a 3 year, 39 million dollar deal, Hargrave has under performed tremendously. He has only registered 1 sack and 7 tackles thus far and truthfully it’s time to try and move that contract. He simply isn’t working out here. I still think Hargrave is a good player, i just feel the fit isn’t the greatest. A team like the Cardinals could come knocking on the door to try and boost their defensive line due to the loss of Chandler Jones for the season and Jordan Phillips being banged up. He’d fit perfectly in the Cardinals 3-4 defense seeing that he played in that scheme with the Steelers. With the need at Linebacker, the Cardinals have a linebacker the Eagles have been linked to several times in the past. A trade between the Eagles and Cardinals could look like

Eagles receive: Haason Reddick, 2021 7th round pick

Cardinals receive: Javon Hargrave, 2021 5th round pick

The Cardinals would receive the higher pick because of Hargrave’s contract. This deal is probably unlikely, but it does make loads of sense for each team.

Now we all know the Houston Texans are having a fire sale. According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, the Texans only have four untouchables on their roster and they are JJ Watt, Deshaun Watson, Laramy Tunsil, and Tytus Howard. If that is really the case the eagles could surely use one player on their roster, a RB. No not David Johnson, but Duke Johnson Jr. He fills a need for a back up running back who can block, catch, and give you some decent amount of yardage a game. You’d have to think you could get a player like Johnson for cheap as well. A deal between the two teams could look like

Eagles receive: Duke Johnson Jr

Texans receive: 2021 6th round pick

With Duke Johnson only due to make 5 million next season, with 0 dead cap hit, I think it’s a no brainer to give Houston a call.

The Eagles need cornerback help still and it shows. Poor Big Play Slay. He’s been the only bright spot in that cornerback room all season. Crevon Leblanc is a clear back up, NRC has been a flake this season, Avonte Maddox is decent, but still has some improving to do. With that being said, there’s a cornerback in New England that has been said to of put all his houses for sale. Not just for sale, the player wants them all sold by November 3rd (deadline date). This player is named Stephon Gilmore. Yea it’s a pipe dream but let me live! It still fits the mold of making sense for the Eagles. Now the hard part about this is obviously the Eagles cap situation, but for a player like Gilmore, you worry about the cap later and get that man. A trade for Gilmore would maybe look something like

Eagles receive: Stephon Gilmore

Patriots receive: 2021 2nd round pick and 2022 2nd round pick

The Patriots are looking to move Gilmore and not if but when. Gilmore used to play for Jim Schwartz in Buffalo and if Schwartz has any say, Howie has gotta call Belichek immediately. This trade may be a fantasy, but a man can hope and dream. The Pats wanna dish him out so I wonder if the Eagles will actually pull the trigger.

There are a lot more trade scenarios that make sense for the Eagles, but I feel these trades make a lot of sense for them moving foward. We shall see what Howie does at the deadline, if he does anything at all.


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