Coyotes Renounce Mitchell Miller’s Prospect Rights

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I have intentionally left parts of this story out, as I found them disgusting and disturbing. I hope that Isaiah Meyer-Crothers can heal knowing that the Coyotes did the right thing when it came to Mitchell Miller. I have linked those details below.

It has been one hell of a year for the Coyotes, their players, and their fans. They had their General Manager quit, the lost a couple draft picks due to illegal scouting, and they could not pay their players their bonuses and per diem. They ALSO lost two games to the Avalanche for a combined 14-2 score. They also apparently paid their rent to their arena late.

Coyotes prospect Mitchell Miller addresses disturbing racism, bullying  incidents

Not only can they not perform on the ice, or even run a business off the ice, they lost their arguable best player in Taylor Hall, and he went to an equally as worse team. They have some nice prospects, don’t get me wrong, but it’s really looking grime for the franchise.

The Coyotes used their first pick in this year’s draft, which didn’t happen till the fourth round, and used it on Mitchell Miller. Miller is an 18-year-old going into the University of North Dakota this year as a freshman. Well he admitted to bullying an African American classmate with developmental disabilities, four years ago when he was in junior high in Ohio. I really won’t even go into the details with what he and his friends did, it is mortifying.

For what they did, the judge only gave them 25 hours of community service, and ordered them to write apologies to their victim. While people do grow and change there is some interesting details that have come to light. He never actually apologized, and it was not a one time incident, and he bullied the kid for years.

Coyotes address revelations about Sylvania draft pick Miller | The Blade

Well, this afternoon the Coyotes announced they have denounced his prospect rights. Effective immediately, Mitchell Miller will no longer be a part of the Coyotes franchise in any fashion. The Coyotes knew about the bullying before they drafted Miller, but all of a sudden they decide that he is not Coyote material and he does not meet their core values of what they need in the character of someone in their organization. The Coyotes did point out that Mitchell Miller is a great player, but his off ice actions are unacceptable.

It was a great PR move by the Coyotes, and we finally get some good news from the struggling franchise. One has to wonder how long the NHL in general want to keep this franchise in Arizona going.

I support this decision 100%.

-Branded Mitch

Featured Image- TSN

TSN- Mitchell Miller Bullying Story

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