Chavy’s Thoughts October 29th

Hey Branders it’s Thursday you know what that means! It’s time for me to write a blog that I haven’t done in a month or so that I promised I’d do on a semi regular basis!

UFC Fight Night Anderson Silva’s Swan Song

The UFC train continues on this weekend with undoubtedly the GOAT fighter Anderson Silva wrapping up his career in what many would’ve called a mirror match a couple of years ago against Uriah Hall. I won’t offer any sort of breakdown of the fight (I’ll leave that to Mystic Mac) but I will say that I’m rooting for Silva to go out with a win.

I remember Anderson Silva being one of the reasons I stuck around as a UFC fan in 2007. Watching him tear through his opponents with relative ease was just so goddamn incredible as a new fan. As time went on though the more he won the more I found myself rooting against him because I thought it was time for someone else to wear the crown. But when Silva finally did lose in dramatic KO fashion against Chris Weidman (and then broke his leg against him in the second fight) I found myself hoping that Silva would come back and rule the division with an iron fist against the fresh faces of the middleweight division. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and instead we were forced to watch the slow decline of an all time great.

One thing newer fans should be thankful for is that Khabib went out on his own terms before he could even hit a decline in his abilities. Much like Silva, Khabib’s fights will go down as some of the most lopsided fights of all time against the division’s best fighters but unlike Silva, Khabib won’t have any fights where fans feel bad about tuning in because they’re about to see a GOAT fighter get beat at his own game and become a shell of his former self.

Podcasts? In This Economy?!

I really didn’t know what to title this segment of the blog but anyways here’s an ad for the pod.

This week Walsh and I released our weekly riff with topics that ranged from putting a blind guy at 1st base on your beer league team to re-imagining the WWE as the Wheelchair Wrestling Entertainment. Taking off my bias hat I’d say it’s a 50 minute pod to throw into your rotation this week.

Apple (LINK)

Spotify (LINK)

CEO Joe Compliments Me

I like to keep my cards close to my hand when it comes to how I handle things on the internet so people can never get a read on me (with the exception of my appearance on The Ginger Thread). So when I tuned into my best friend Stevie Stats’ trivia show last night and complimented my boss other best friend CEO Joe on his story telling abilities he responded with a “I can never tell if Chavy is being sarcastic or genuine.”

The highest of compliments from the highest guy in the company (not literally high because we all know that little burnout Eddie’s body is running on 95% THC).

I don’t remember at what point in the stream CEO Joe sung my praises so just watch it in it’s entirety so you don’t miss it.

If you have NFL Street I’ll buy it off of you.

There’s nothing more I need to add for this part of the blog. If you have NFL Street for the PS2 and want to sell it to me that’d be awesome. I won’t pay more than $20 and remember there’s a pandemic going on right now (coronavirus, ever heard of it?) so it’s a buyer’s market! Balls in your court Branders.

P.S.2. I’m also looking for a PS2 controller and again I’m looking to pay around $15-$20.


I am going to be honest if you power ranked the Branded Sports team based on sports knowledge (excluding UFC and the Cincinnati Bengals) I’d probably be dead fucking last. I’ve fallen out of being a sports fanatic and replaced it with hunting for retro video games and TLC shows. I have to say I wouldn’t change a goddamn thing about it. Going from sports fanatic to casual fan is like living in an infinite time loop of post nut clarity.

So the sports forecast this weekend for me is to watch the Buckeyes and struggle to remember which players are who on the team, then on Sunday I’ll be watching disappointed by my Cincinnati Bengals as they play the Tennessee Titans. At this point I’ve decided to turn a negative into a positive and replace their defense on my fantasy team with the Titans D. I am hoping for 5-10 points but knowing how the Bengals love playing with my emotions I am expecting them to beat the brakes off of the Titans netting me -6 points and leaving me conflicted on whether or not I should be happy about them winning.

Prediction: Bengals 28 Titans 27

That’s all I really have to say for the rest of the week. I’m sure there are a few typos in this 900+ word vomit but like my high school English teacher I’m not here to be a grammar nazi (but unlike her I’m not here to fuck the entire secondary of the football team).

Anyways let’s have a great weekend Branders and remember!

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