3 On 3 Hockey League To Launch


We’ve got a new hockey league coming to you in June and it’ll be a little different than your typical hockey league.

The best thing the NHL added in recent years is the addition of the 3 on 3 overtime. Now we will get to see a full on league of strictly 3 on 3. It’s going to be electric.

The announcement will be coming out later on today according to Stephen Whyno. The name of the league is going to be 3Ice. As of now the start date looks to be on June 20th with 8 teams.

They are still trying to finalize the cities of the 8 teams and they will be chosen by Thanksgiving. There are a few NHL markets in the running along with some AHL ones.

On another note as of now 6 of the 8 teams will be coached by Hockey Hall Of Famers, so that’s pretty cool.

It seems like this is going to be like the hockey version of the BIG 3 league that Ice Cube runs. I’m interested to see what type of rules they have and who will actually end up playing in the league.

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