Wisconsin Vs Nebraska Cancelled, Big 10 Off To A Rocky Start

I’ve been enjoying Twitter discussing how serious the sports news are based on the vague picture Sportscenter decides to use. Quick side note, whoever runs Sportscenter Twitter is the worst human on the planet. The random helmet in the air is a new one, for sure seems serious. My personal favorite is the baseball hat over the glove.

6 players, including the QB and 6 staff members including, the head coach all tested positive after opening weekend. Tough scene when this happens to any team especially tough when Nebraska got into a bunch of trouble earlier this year when their chancellor basically said Covid bullshit and the kids will be fine. As we all know none of that’s true and conspiracy brain here, that’s why Nebraska’s first couple of games are against some of the best teams the Big 10 has to offer. Also, real quick why do schools have “chancellors”? Are we living in a shitty history movie based in the 1500s? We got plagues, chancellors I mean what’s next a dragon?

I’m kind of surprised their just out right saying this game just isn’t gonna happen now. Figured they’d be rescheduling it but I’m guessing because of the late start they aren’t able to move things around as easy as they would’ve been able to if they started a few weeks ago.

Hopefully, everyone who tested positive is gonna be alright. We just had another professional athlete ruled out for the season due to complications from Covid, I know no one wants that to happen to these kids, too.

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