What Is Going On Between Scott Disick And Kourtney Kardashian?

Now I am fully aware I am walking right into Kris Jenner’s little trap but it has to be done. It’s no coincidence that the Kardashians recently announced they are retiring from the reality TV game with one dramatic final season just as Kim Kardashian flew her closest family and friends on a private jet to a private island for her 40th birthday. Kris Jenner spares no expense investing in maybe the best business venture of all time, her children.

The biggest storyline during Kim’s island bday trip has not actually been the fact that Devin Booker was on the group family vacation with Kendall, but a few subtle selfies from the Lord and his lady Scott and Kourtney.

Scott and Sofia Richie broke up for good a few months ago so naturally the first thing the headline writers did was to suggest that maybe it is finally time for Kourtney and Scott to get back together for the 14th time. A modern day Noah and Allie, there’s nothing people want to see more than Kourtney and Scott pop out babies 4-7.

But these vacation IG drops are eyebrow raising. They are mostly couple shots, not even Mason was allowed in the latest release. Everyone knows posts on the timeline instead of the story means things are for real.

My guess is we will have to wait for the series finale to find out. We’ll probably even get a cliffhanger interview of both Kourtney and Scott saying some bullshit like “you never know what could happen in the future”. If only Mason was allowed on tik tok we might have some more info.


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