Ummmm…..NASA Might Have Just Said We’ve Got Aliens


So I’m sitting here sipping coffee laughing at the fact that Walsh got Wally Pipp’d by Mitch. Woof. And then I see this.

Excuse me NASA gonna need you to be a little more clear. You saying we got ourselves some aliens? Or is this a preview for another ‘big rock is about to hit earth and kill us all.’ Got to be aliens right?

Need to see a report that NASA is about to make a huge announcement because aliens showing up in 2020 is just perfect. They are going to land and be like ‘why is everyone killing everyone? Why is your leader the color of my blood (assuming aliens have orange blood)? Why is everyone covering their faces? Are we at the wrong place? This is Earth right?’

I’m praying this is aliens, I need aliens. Let me on your ship and let’s get the fuck outta here. Moon has water, let’s grab a quick drink and then let’s peel out to Jupiter or something.

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