Since Walsh Has No Idea Who Salma Hayek Is, Here’s Your Crash Course

Watching brain fry last week, Branded’s trivia show and there was some question asked, not even sure what it was. But the end of it we find out that Walsh has never heard of Salma Hayek before. Which should have been immediate disqualification. My jaw hit the floor when he said that. Hayek is a god damn legend.

So I thought, as Branded’s smut blogger I’d educate the young rifle.

First off, yes she was in Grown Ups and yes she was still super hot but Grown Ups is not where your mind should jump when you hear the Name Salma Heyek.

It should go immediately to Dusk Till Dawn

Get it yet Keith? We’re talking about a top notch high heater. ‘Who is Salma Hayek?’ You put respect in our woman’s name.

Let’s keep some of the hits coming.

She was in Desperado getting Antonio weak in the knees.

And I have no idea what Ugly Betty is but I mean……..

Also no clue what movie this is but it should do the trick

So Walsh, I think we’d all appreciate a public apology from you directly to Salma. She is a queen and goddess and she shall be treated as such.

Thank you

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