Did Rob Manfred Rig Game 6?

So by now you know that the Dodgers are your 2020 World Series Champions. The story should be that LA won their first World Series since 1988.

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If you watched the game or if you were on Twitter last night you know that’s not the biggest story from this game…There’s actually two bigger stories than the Dodgers winning…One, Dodgers third basemen Justin Turner tested positive for COVID mid game. Two, Rays pitcher Blake Snell was pitching an absolute gem through 5 innings. Rays manager Kevin Cash decided to pull him after he allowed a base hit with one out in the sixth.

Snell was clearly not pleased with it and Nick Anderson came into replace him. We all know what happened next…The Dodgers scored two runs and would go onto win the game 3-1.

So why did Cash pull Snell who was pitching the best game of his life?

Was it because the analytics told him too? Did he have a gut feeling? Or was it someone else telling him to pull him?

I have a theory here and some of you may believe it while others will say “Walsh your an idiot conspiracy theorist.” What if MLB commish Rob Manfred forced Kevin Cash to pull Blake Snell.

Is it that far fetched to think after finding out Justin Turner tested positive for COVID, Manfred freaked out of the possibility of having to delay a potential game 7? The Rays were up at the time when Snell was pulled and could’ve been on their way to forcing a game 7.

Manfred gets the call that Turner test positive as there’s no chance he isn’t the first person to find out. So, he makes the call to have Snell pulled from the game increasing the Dodgers chances of a comeback and then the next inning forces Turner out of the game for the positive test.

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You can’t tell me that the dude wasn’t freaking out about all the possible things that could’ve happened if the Rays won. Turner was in contact with his teammates, Rays players, umpires, and was breathing the same air as the fans that were in attendance. Like they would’ve had to postpone game 7 at least two days I’d think. Plus the MLB was probably the least prepared for this whole virus when they were trying to figure out how to restart the season so there’s no chance Manfred had any sort of plan for a positive test during a game.

Maybe I’m reaching here and maybe Kevin Cash is just that stupid to pull a pitcher who was pitching a gem. But, that’s not as fun as thinking there’s a conspiracy theory that Rob Manfred went full panic mode and did what he could to ensure there wasn’t going to be a game 7.

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