Would You Want To Be Emily Ratajkowskis Unborn Baby?

Emrata announced yesterday on her Instagram and in Vogue that she is pregnant which seems to be a positive for her. I feel like I’m at the point where I don’t know if I should say “congratulations” or “oh no, what are you gonna do?” but she did a full photo shoot so I’m guessing congratulations are in order. Now I don’t have a problem with her, her having a baby or how she announced it. If I was the baby I think I would though

Millions of views and likes later we have the announcement and more and more and more announcement posts. If anyone was paying attention, I certainly wasn’t, her posts have been few and far between the last two months or so. I’m guessing the bump started coming in and they wanted to wait to announce, totally get that.

I’ve always been put off by baby announcements, gender reveals, photo shoots anything like that. If we’re being honest no one outside of the friends and family care and you usually end up looking like an asshole, I mean look at every viral gender reveal ever. I’ve never said it and for sure never blogged it though. It’s just none of my business but if I was her kid I would HATE what is going on. This has nothing to do with her older pictures, not here to tell Emrata who I happily follow not to post skimpy pictures but there is gonna be some ass hat who comments about her posting the most inappropriate but yet appropriate pictures. That ass hat will not be me.

I was born in the 90s so no IG clout for my mom to chase but I’d burn some polaroids if I found them. I mean that second video is mostly just an ass shot, I just feel weird for the baby. Like in 15 years when her baby is comparing announcement videos just “Yup my mom has 12 million views on this a day after posting, oop and there’s her brown eye” it’s just weird man.

I hope nothing for the best for her and her husband, hope the baby is healthy all that. I do hope this doesn’t start a trend, not everyone is Emrata. We as a public need to recognize that and not make this a thing.

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