(Video) Jerry Jones Does Not Respond Well To Being Asked About Leadership


Love watching Jerry Jones come undone. Just a tasty treat for any Eagles fan. It’s hard to brag as my team only has two wins through 7 weeks but we are top of the division and Dallas is sinking like a stone.

So this morning on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, he was asked a very fair question about Cowboys leadership or lack there of. And, well, Jerry didn’t take too kindly to it.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! I mean I love Jerry Jones. As long as that old bag of bones is alive and kicking, Philadelphia will always have the upper hand of them. They just will never be able to get out of their own way with him pulling the strings. It’s like a work of art watching him destroy this team form the inside out. Remember the story of draft night where he tried to pick Johnny Football but had to have the card ripped form his hands.

That is the only way the Cowboys will ever be good again. They have to take away his responsibilities. Give him a fake team, make up the Cowboys II and let him be in charge of that. Play old game footage and tell him it’s happening live.

As for this clip, it’s so Jerry Jones it hurts. The question is more than fair after the reports that players aren’t happy and there is no leadership in that locker room. When you are asked a question like that and you respond with angry that tells us all we need to know. If there was true leadership there you answer simply with a ‘our guys play hard for our coach because they believe in him, we’re just not getting it done right now.’ That’s it. You don’t go all, ‘OH YOU DON’T THINK WE HAVE LEADERSHIP??!?! Well, why don’t you just shut up man!!’

The also couldn’t be more timely with today’s Birds Vs Boys episode where Kevin and I had a conversation with RJ Choppy. You’re going to want to check that out as he goes into more detail of the sad state of the Cowboys and talks about if he thinks they will even get another win this season.

Go birds

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