These Patriots Fans Are Reacting Too Sanely To Their Team Sucking For The First Time In 20 Years

Perhaps the only time I catch the local Boston news is that 3 minute window when a show I’ve DVR’d ends and it reverts to the last channel I was watching–this time, coincidentally the Patriots’ latest abomination of a loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Fans of this team who have in the last 20 years won 6 Super Bowls, gone to 9, and made it to the AFC Championship 13 of those are now ready to put away their Tom Brady bobbleheads and pack up the cleats. Not these two.

Gary and Debbie have been through thick and thin, seemingly together, as well as with the Patriots. They remember a world without banners and $13 imported craft beers. Gary was raised on steel benches, before hand warmers were even invented. Bill Belichick practically copied Gary’s entire personality. Frankly I’m not even sure this isn’t just a new Nathan For You episode.

Debbie is the one that freaks me out most though. How could a Patriots fan be so sensible? so level headed? so….positive? In the face of decades of miracles, Debbie knows when not to expect one. Especially when you just lost the greatest quarterback of all time, half of your defensive starters and are playing through a global pandemic with no offseason or training camp. It makes almost no sense for someone to be so reasonable.

Would love to put Debbie in a room with Felger and let these two hash it out. I bet Debbie would absolutely bodybag Felger on her Sony Michel takes.


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