The Union Are An Absolute Wagon

I wanna start this off by saying I am probably the least qualified person to be writing anything about soccer.

That being said though, if you listen to my podcast(Ginger Thread) you should know by now that I’m trying to become a fan of the sport. I’ve been big on the Philadelphia Union since the MLS return to play tournament. Since then, this team has been incredible.

Now I’m not gonna sit here and say I’ve watched every game but I’ve been tuned in every chance I get. This team is legit and I gotta say as a new soccer fan they are super exciting to watch.

This team has been red hot and are currently sitting in first place in the Eastern Conference as well as in the entire league.


On top of being in first place they also haven’t lost a game since September 2nd. They have already secured their spot in the MLS playoffs which I’ll be honest I’m not exactly sure how they work yet but we’re in there. They have three games left in the regular season and let’s hope they continue to finish strong.

I will say with full confidence that I’m all in on this team and you should get on the bandwagon now because from what I learned they have a lot of homegrown talent and could be good for quite some time. Plus I can’t wait to Doop like crazy every time they score.

Their next game is tomorrow night against the Chicago Fire.

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