Jensen Signs Massive Contract To Stay With Team Liquid


After ending summer split in first place, TL lost to TSM in the Finals and then disappointed all of us at Worlds. It’s not just TL that was disappointing, all of NA let us down.

Big things happening in the LCS after another Worlds failure, Bjergsen has retired from TSM to become the teams new coach which means Jensen is arguably the best midlaner left in the league. Being the best means you get paid like the best. From what I can find and from what Travis alludes to is this is a massive contract for Pro League players. These are unofficial numbers but it’s been reported that most NALCS players make somewhere between $300k-900k and the highest paid player out of all of the leagues is Faker who brings in about $1.2 million a year. If you’re reading this and don’t know much about League, Faker is the Korean Michael Jordan. So, Jensen signing for about $1.4 million a year is a big deal.

Unless I’m getting the wrong information and Travis, who is pretty on the nose with things like this is also wrong, Jensen is set to be the highest paid player in League Of Legends. Great player and he was going to get a big number especially with no Bjergsen anymore but for as little success he has had on the Worlds stage you have to think this is an overpay.

We’ll see if Jensen can play up to his contract next year.

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