Ivan Provorov Gets No Respect

Look, I’m clearly going to be a little biased here as a Flyers fan. Honestly, at this point I shouldn’t be surprised anymore with the disrespect the National media gives to the Flyers. It took until this year for Sean Couturier to finally win the Selke after being the best defensive forward in the NHL for the last 4 years at least.

Now the disrespect is just getting more and more laughable. Just take a look at the choices that the NHL Network gave for who the top defenseman in the NHL is…

Image-NHL Network

I’m smart enough to say no I don’t think Provy is the best defenseman in the league right now. But to have 25 names to choose from and him not to be one of them is absurd. Provorov is better than at least 15 names on this list if not more.

It really makes you wonder how much hockey these so called “analyst” actually watch. I mean this people get paid to talk about the best sport in the planet and they clearly don’t recognize talent if it smacked them in the face. Provorov is an absolute machine who does nothing but log minutes, produce points, hit, and block shots. If you watch any Flyers game you know damn well that every time he is out there he’s the best defenseman on the ice.

While it’s super annoying how little respect some of our top players get at the same time I think I’d rather them sleep on us. It gives us more of a chip on our shoulder and hopefully they use it as motivation. It’s safe to say our captain wasn’t too pleased with Provorov being left off….

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