Ivan Provorov Gets NO Love From NHL Twitter

Intern Mitch

So last night the NHL posted this absolute mind bender:

Along with Claude Giroux retweeting this:

So, the question I am asking myself today, along with Claude Giroux and most of the people in the NHL Twitters comments. Why the hell was Ivan Provorov snubbed so bad? Not even making a top 5? You ask any hockey fan, Provorov is top 15, at the bare minimum. Let me just plug this quote by NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jordan Hall.

“Ivan Provorov had just played 38:15 minutes through 52 shifts, scored a double-overtime game-winning goal, recorded an assist, four hits, two blocked shots and was a plus-3 in a do-or-die Game 6 for the Flyers” said Hall.

That’s absurd, absolutely absurd. Ivan Provorov is the undisputed workhorse of the Flyers Blue Line. We have been talking about how important Nisky was, and how hard of a guy he is going to be, and we have an unsung hero playing next to him.

Let’s throw some more stats on the flame. Ivan Provorov has never missed a game since breaking into the NHL after his junior days, playing 315 games straight for the Flyers. Less we forget this moment after the Flyers got eliminated by the Penguins in 2018.

Guy is all heart.

Since starting his career the NHL defensemen only 8 defensemen have scored more goals than him, a few being Dougie Hamilton, Roman Josi, and Victor Hedman.

Now I know these pictures are just off-season content that the NHL posts to just get the fans talking and just engage with us. But man, looking at some of these names. I don’t think that Ivan Provorov is worse defensemen than Zach Werenski and John Carlson. Don’t get me wrong, all of these players are FANTASTIC, but you can’t leave an Elite defensemen like Provorov of the list, even if it is just for fun.

-Branded Mitch

Source: NBC Sports Philly

Featured Image: Burlington County Times

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