Final Thoughts on UFC 254: Is Khabib the GOAT?

I had to hop on the blog to elaborate my thoughts on this past Saturdays UFC 254 main event, where Khabib Nurmagomedov absolutely dominated one of the best fighters in the sport in classic Khabib fashion.

Too put it bluntly, we will NEVER see an athlete in our lifetime like Khabib Nurmagomedov. Not like this. Not this dominant. 29-0. I mean this man has lost 1 round in his career in 29 professional fights. In his last 3 fights, he choked out 3 of the best fighters in the world. He made them look like children. 3 world class athletes, all capable of being world champions at a moments notice. Not against Khabib. Let’s look at Khabib’s career accolades.

Khabib is one of three Russian-born champions in UFC history.

Khabib’s four victories in UFC lightweight title fights are tied for most in company history.

Khabib is the only fighter in UFC history to win three consecutive title fights by submission.

Khabib’s 29-fight winning streak is the longest among active UFC fighters.

Khabib’s 13-fight UFC winning streak is the longest active streak in the company.

Khabib’s 13-fight UFC winning streak is tied for second longest in company history behind Anderson Silva (16).

Khabib’s 12-fight UFC winning streak in lightweight competition is the longest active streak in the division and tied with Tony Ferguson for the longest in the history of the weight class.

Khabib is one of two fighters in UFC history to earn 13 consecutive octagon victories to start a career with the organization. Anderson Silva also accomplished the feat.

Khabib has landed 59 takedowns in UFC lightweight competition, the second most in divisional history behind Gleison Tibau (84).

Khabib’s 21 takedowns landed against Abel Trujillo at UFC 160 are a single-fight UFC record.

Now the great debate comes. Who is the GOAT of the sport?

Khabib Nurmagomedov? Jon Jones? Georges St. Pierre? Its a truly impossible discussion to have and I believe it comes down to a matter of preference.

Now like I said, this is a matter of opinion. There is absolutely no way to determine the actual goat of this sport, its not like basketball or golf or football where Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Tom Brady are clearly the goat.

Among Nurmagomedov’s credentials is a 29-0 record, which included losing just one round, to McGregor and No other GOAT candidate has that zero in the loss column.

Jon Jones, who might be the most widely recognized as the GOAT, quickly weighed in on social media, scoffing at the notion of affixing the GOAT label to a fighter with just four title defenses. Jones, 26-1, has the most title fight wins in UFC history with 14. And while he does have one loss, it was a controversial disqualification for illegal elbow strikes during a bout he was dominating.

GSP retired with a 20-2 record and is one of only seven fighters to win belts in different divisions. Anderson Silva’s 16-fight win streak is the longest in UFC history.

If you want to say longevity, then its Jones, who by the way is still chugging along and is certaintly capable of capturing the heavyweight bout soon enough, which would probably end the debate. He HAS had failed PED tests before tho, even tho USADA came out and said that he wasnt intentionally cheating.

Khabib has EASILY had the most impressive 3 fights in a row in history. Choking out 3 of the best the sport has to offer, and its not even close. Khabib is the most dominant champion in MMA history and its not particularly close. He never came close to losing, not once.

Jones has almost lost multiple times. But that doesnt matter, he got the job done and WON those fights and has always won his fights. Jones has more than 3x as many world title defenses than Khabib. So if you want to pull the numbers and longevity it seems the Jones makes the best case.

GSP won 2 title in different weight classes and avenged both of his losses. You could make a case that GSP is the goat and i wouldnt hate you.

I dont care who you think is the goat for this sport, and to be honest, none of us deserve to even debate this. These arent normal athletes shooting a ball and slapping a puck. These are the most vulnerable athletes in the world that dont make alot of money, putting months and months of training and dieting just for 1 fight, stepping inside of a cage alone, to fight another world class athlete. No. The average person is not worthy.

But that’s why I do what I do over any other sport. I have such a profound respect for these fighters’ mindsets and ability to do what they do.

Who is my goat? Well, im not sure to be honest. I think Khabib is BY FAR the most dominant athlete of our time. Which is why i say we will never see another athlete in ANY sport compare to him. The emotional toll it takes to prepare for just one fucking fight, winning or losing is incomprehensible.

I think Jon Jones has had the most impressive run. But with all of his PED’s, scandals, etc. its hard to call him the goat vs an outstanding human being in Khabib. But man oh man, if you want to plug the numbers etc. its so so so close. You cannot go wrong. If i had one fighter for my life to depend on, im taking Khabib.

Who do you all think is the goat? Khabib? Jones? GSP? Its fun to debate. But for now, I’d like to thank Khabib for being one of the if not THE best we have ever seen inside the octagon. 29-0. We’ll never see it again.

Mac out.

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