The Big 10’s Two Point Conversion Call In Indiana’s Favor Was So Bad, DraftKings Had To Give Penn State Bettors Their Money Back

Donald Trump’s campaign strategy to bring back Big 10 Football may cost him the election. Pennsylvania is a swing state, and Penn State’s season is pretty much over after one week after an upset loss against Indiana.

But, did they lose?

Do you know how bad a call has to be for VEGAS to give you your money back?!
Penn State deserved to lose due to the sheer stupidity of their running back but there is absolutely no way Indiana score on that two point conversion. They threw a bounce pass at the pylon and got the call. The saying is close only counts in horseshoes. Not close only counts in Big 10 Football.
Honestly, Indiana being rewarded for this two point conversion sends a bad message to children. We are teaching them that if you try REALLY hard and give your best effort, everything you want will just be handed to you. That’s not how life works. Indiana’s quarterback gave a valiant effort, and Big 10 officials gave him a shiny participation trophy because of it.
Like I said, Penn State deserved to lose anyway. If their running back falls down at the 1 yard line in regulation, Indiana loses 21-20 and doesn’t have time to go down the field. Of course, the Atlanta Falcons saw Penn State screw this time scenario up and thought “woah! That’s one way we haven’t tried to lose yet!” And proceeded to lose the exact same way, the very next day.
So I guess it’s just karma evening out. But it’s been two days and even to the live eye Indiana bounces that ball to the pylon. They cost themselves an undefeated matchup on College Gameday this week.
Close only counts in horseshoes and Big 10 Football.
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