Guy Decides He Doesn’t Need His Legs Anymore (VIDEO)

Who is starting to get that 2 o clock feeling right now?

Well have no fear because I’m here to bring you the shot in the arm you’ll need to get through the rest of your workday via confirmed cool guy Rex Chapman!

Ouchie! To everyone who says wrestling is fake I present to you Exhibit A: Backyard Wrestler Destroys his own legs.

There’s actually a funny story behind this horrible injury. Thanks to Reddit user “Pwned&BonedYaMum2001” we found out that the wrestler who destroyed his legs was set to wrestle leg lock specialist “Alexander Machka” who’s sharpshooter submission is considered the deadliest in the backyard wrestling world.

I can’t imagine this guy having to call his roommate aka his momma and tell her “mom yeah I won’t have my half of the rent this month because I can’t deliver for Doordash anymore because my knees are currently facing different directions.”

On a unrelated note I’m pivoting all of my content towards being a off brand Rex Chapman (working title is “Sex Scatman”).

Here’s my first tweet under my new persona.

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