The Laguna Beach Cast Reunited For The First Time In 20 Years And It Was Magical

Per usual, Lauren Conrad is at the helm of a Laguna Beach get together that brought back together the most important cast members (over Zoom) for a good cause for the first time since 2004.

The group, led by LC, Ste-phen, Kristin and trucker hat Trey, partnered with HeadCount to air a reunion special if they got just 500 new people to register to vote. After over 10,000 people came together for the best cause out there this election season, we all got to experience the thick sexual tension between newly divorced Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti while 12 other people sat in the same Zoom conference.

Since the show first premiered I have always been firmly on Team LC. Lauren Conrad has inspired almost every haircut I ever had since the year 2004. I remain thankful that LC has never led me down an unfashionable or photographically embarrassing path in 16 years.

And this reunion really brought out the heavy hitters of Laguna Beach. We got to check in on season 1 basic bitches Morgan and Christina, who were famously just a little too boring for reality TV. If you had the slight odds on the both of them having multiple children and a baby clothing line, you win.

Trey looks almost exactly the same minus his signature shaggy hairdo and custom trucker hats, but he did end up becoming a socially active fashion designer in the most predictable update of the whole reunion.

Much like on the show, Dieter and Polster were on the outskirts of the Zoom reunion, but the E! correspondent filled her quota of checking in with them for life updates that most people used as time to focus in on Kristin and Stephen’s body language.

Personally I was curious how Talan was doing since I haven’t thought about him since I graduated high school. He hasn’t aged a day. Absolutely still would break out my best trimmed denim skirt and popped collar polo to meet Talan for ice cream on the boardwalk.

For some reason I remember hearing Lo and Lauren were no longer close but played nice for the reunion as the unproblematic queens they have always been. Lauren obviously looked stunning while she stunted on everyone with that immaculate and Marie Kondo closet as a backdrop.

Noticeably absent for obvious reasons were Laguna Beach staples Jason and Jessica. Doing a quick IG wellness check revealed Jessica seems to be a mother of an undetermined but high number of children:

And Jason, now sober, looks like someone I would still choose over Paris.

None of that is what anyone cares about though, when Kristin and Stephen were in their separate respective little Zoom boxes on this reunion. Ever since her divorce from Jay Cutler and THIS blurry and drunk pic she shared a few months ago fans have been waiting for one STE-PHEN chant, and they did not disappoint.

The full 30 minute reunion is worth a full watch, so I won’t spoil the intricate details. Let the KCav/Ste-phen rumors commence.


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