BREAKING:Khabib Retires

What an incredible main event we had at UFC 254….If for some reason you missed what was easily the most anticipated fight of the year. Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Justin Gaethje by 2nd submission.

The main event lived up to the hype as Gaethje gave Khabib all he could handle. Justin made one mistake and Khabib capitalized. Gaethje was winning this fight in my opinion until he slipped up. Once he slipped and Khabib was able to get the choke hold it was all but over. Justin had no choice but to tap out and Khabib retain his lightweight championship.

I’ll be honest I was rooting for Gaethje as I’m not a huge fan of Khabib. Khabib improved to 29-0 in his career and after the fight announced his retirement.

Gaethje fought a great fight and probably had the best chance to beat Khabib. He was easily winning the fight before he slipped up and let Khabib take him to the ground. There wasn’t much Gaethje could do once Khabib had him by the neck and in the end he would tap out.

It sucks that Khabib is “Retiring” because there is so much more we would love to see from him. One of the rumors is him taking on George’s St. Pierre which I for one do not want to see. If Khabib fights GSP it will be a complete domination by Khabib and will make GSP only look weak.

I want to see Khabib go up against Tony Ferguson, Michael Chandler, Conor again and even Gaethje again. I get why Khabib wants to retire but come one man you’re at the top of one of the most stacked divisions in the UFC and there’s so much more we want to see.

I don’t care what he said during his post fight interview, there is no chance this dude is actually retired. Money Talks and Khabib will be very intrigued by some of the potential matchups that Dana White presents to him. It may be a little while but I fully expect to see Khabib back in the octagon come the summer time.


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