Tom Brady And Antonio Brown Reunite At Last?

Nothing Guaranteed yet but it looks like Brady is going to get AB after all. Browns suspension by the league ends Week 8, just in time for him to reunite with Tom and learn the Bucs system for the playoffs. Seattle seemed to be the play but if the rumors are true he might be a Buc in the next couple of days.

I would have to assume this means he beat the case that got him cut from the Pats last year. If that’s the case I’m glad he’s innocent but man it stinks he got cut from the Pats if he didn’t actually do anything. And if he is innocent why is he still suspended? The NFL does everything ass backwards but that’s what happens when a clown runs your organization.

The Bucs are coming off an impressive beat down of the Packers are just gonna sign a Top 5 WR, if they weren’t already this team needs to be in everyone’s super bowl considerations.

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