Bulls Championship Ring Set or 83,333 Chick Fil A Sandwiches – Who You Got?

Darren Rovell reported this morning that a complete set of all 6 Chicago Bulls Championship rings (owned by security guard John Capps) sold for $255,840.

My initial response was that it seemed low, so I did some digging and wanted to see what else would fit this price range. Here are a few other things you could buy with $250,000 that may fit your fancy more than the rings.

Let’s keep it in the Jordan motif and start with 1 single Michael Jordan game-worn autographed Air Jordan 1s. Not enough money for the full set but still a hell of a value for half of the most iconic shoes in NBA history (excluding the OG Like Mikes).

If celebrity is more your forte – here are 2 Camoes that are equally valuable in my opinion.

100 Caitlyn Jenner Cameos (most expensive cameo) or 500 Brett Favre Cameos (most badass cameo)

Most people with money want things that can actually touch and feel (s/o Brett Favre), so let’s take a look at some of the finer things in life. Let’s start with cars.

2020 Bentley Continnental GT or 10 2020 Honda Civic EX Sedan

Speaking of things we can touch (s/o Caitlyn Jenner) – lets jump over to watches.

1 Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.3 Chronometer or 16,667 of my favorite watch the Casio Illuminator

Now that we have our car & watch we need a badass place to match. Would you rather live in NYC or Dallas,TX – these are the options for $250,000.

New York City


Last but not least we must feed ourselves. Originally I wanted an entire Chik-Fil-A franchise, but a quick Google search shows I could only afford half of one. So 83,333 sandwiches will have to do, I will also need approximately 40,000 Chick-Fil-A sauces as well (price not included).

83,333 Chic Fil A sandwiches ($3/sandwich)

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