Philadelphia Band Uses Platform For Good

Intern Mitch

The Wonder Years (band) started in 2005 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania by Dan “Soupy” Campbell and some of his childhood friends, Matt Brasch, Casey Cavaliere, Mike Kennedy, and Josh Martin. Since then the alternative rock/ pop punk band has exploded to the top of their genre.

The Wonder Years have released 6 studio albums with a handful of EP’s and singles, most notably Burst and Decay Volumes I and II. Even though they are from outside of Philadelphia, they very much consider themselves Philadelphians, with the majority of their songs and albums making reference to our City of Brotherly Love.

In early September, The Wonder Years asked if we wanted to hear a new song, from my brother Nick and I, it was a resounding yes. They were on a mission to register 1000 new voters in the upcoming election, using headcount and #GoodToVote. The platform also educated those on how to vote if they could not in person. I am not going political hear, but if you have a platform use it.

Well The Wonder Years asked, and we answered. They were planning to release their song “Brakeless” in December but decided to do it now in celebration of what their fans had accomplished. The song had its debut on Philly’s 104.5 last Sunday at 9pm, it was amazing, and Dan Campbell thanked all of his fans for making the challenge a success. The song was produced and recorded remotely with the help of Retro City Studios in Philadelphia.

You can hear the song everywhere including YouTube.

It’s always cool to see stories like this, even more so when its local and we get to be a part of it.

The song is full of references to Philadelphia, including the lackluster snowplowing and terribly wet winters.

Give The Wonder Years some love.

-Branded Mitch & DLNick

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