Did A Pro Wrestling Show Just Have The Best Musical Sequence Of All Time?

If you’ve listened to wrestling retrospect podcast Walsh and myself do (LINK) you’ll know that I’m a huge wrestling fan.

Every Wednesday night I sit down to watch All Elite Wrestling (or AEW for short) Dynamite on TNT and every Wednesday I end up going to bed needing a cigarette because the show was that good. So how do you top yourself when you’re churning out great show after great show? DROPPING A GODDAMN MUSICAL NUMBER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOW!

I’ll never forget where I was when this gem of a segment came on. This was so far out of left field it caught even the most hardcore of fan by surprise. For context this was supposed to be a segment where Chris Jericho and MJF met over a steak dinner to discuss “business”. Now I’ll admit when they first announced this segment I expected just a quick back and fourth to give us a little break in between some break neck wresting so I wasn’t really excited for it. But holy shit did they really take a simple steak dinner and make it something entertaining. I haven’t seen a steak dinner this exciting since my friend took his ex to Texas Roadhouse to dump her because he thought the dinner rolls and public setting would keep her from making a scene (he was wrong).

Also can we applaud these guys for doing this LIVE?!

Now I know this may not be every fan’s cup of tea and for the lapsed fan I know it’s not Stone Cold dishing out stunners or The Rock running down your hometown in a promo. But for context a wrestling company to do something like this that’s so out of the ordinary is what wrestling needs right now.

And if you didn’t like this segment I’ve got 5 words for ya!

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