NBA Draft Prospects: Sixers Edition

AJ Torres

The NBA Draft is on November 18th, which is alittle less than 2 weeks away, and I couldn’t be more pumped about it. This years draft is filled with talent. ALOT of shooters and ball handlers. As a Sixers fan this gets my blood pumping because they are the two biggest needs the Sixers need to address. The Sixers hold the 21st overall pick (for now) and there are a hand full of players who I believe can come in and help the Sixers right away. Those players consist of Tyrell Terry, Desmond Bane, Grant Riller, and Jahm’ius Ramsey. All of these names have been linked to the Sixers and rightfully so.

1. Tyrell Terry (PG) 6’3 174 LBS Stanford

First thing that catches your eye about this kid is his size. He’s built similar to Steph Curry and Trae Young. Real slim built, but he’s young so he can grow muscle onto his frame. Also like Curry and Young, Terry has unlimited range. He can shoot the lights out of a gym. He’s also very shifty getting to the rim as well. Terry is a very good ball handler to go along with his shooting ability.

The one real knock on Tyrell Terry is his size. In the NBA he’s potentially can get tossed and thrown around on offense and defensively can he stand in front of some of these higher point guards in today’s game? That’s the big question.

In reality, the Sixers defensively under Doc Rivers will become stout and with Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Matisse Thybulle, and Josh Richardson so I’m not too concerned about defense. What Terry possesses offensively is exactly what the Sixers need and I’m all good with them taking a shot on him at 21.

NBA Comparison: Poor mans Trae Young

2. Desmond Bane (SG) 6’5 215 TCU

This kid right here is a flat out beast. Bane is built like Bane from Batman, jacked as can be. He probably has the most NBA ready body of the whole draft. That’s not what he’s known for though. He’s known for probably being the most consistent three point shooter in the whole draft. Bane shot 43% from behind the three point line at TCU. His stat line last year looked like this

While his defense is troubling and could possibly present issues in his career, his high motor makes up for it. Bane is consistently moving and never gives up on a play.

He is a secondary ball handler and distributor for sure but he is no slouch with the ball in his hands. For instance the video below shows you his vision and passing ability if need be.

Bane actually spoke with the Sixers pre draft and basically told him if we draft you we’d like you to fill the JJ Reddick role. He also said he felt the team was super intrigued and interested in him.

NBA Comparison: Eric Gordon

3. Grant Riller (PG) 6’3 190 lbs College of Charleston

This guy right here is probably my favorite prospect of the draft. He’s not as well known as Terry or Bane because he plays in the CAA, but he’s just as good as the first two names I mentioned.

Riller is a true “jack of all trades“ type of player. He can shoot, distribute, handle the ball, and drive to the hoop.

Offensively, Riller is as gifted as any player in this draft. The one thing the really pops out at you is his change of speed off the dribble. He has De’aaron Fox like change of pace speed. Riller plays with a pitbull mentality, he isn’t afraid to get the the cup. To be honest it’s probably his best offensive attribute. His ability to drive the lane and get a basket or chance at the rim flies off on tape.

The one knock on Riller is his inconsistency on defense. For the Sixers I don’t see that as too much of an issue seeing that they have a bunch of defensive minded players that’ll surround him and that’ll only help him in the future. His film does show from time to time that he gets beat off the dribble a bit, but there are a bunch of tape that show him play some really good defense. For example the clip below will show you the potential Riller’s defense can amount to.

Come draft night, I see Grant Riller being high on the Sixers draft board. He checks all the boxes that the Sixers are lacking. If the Sixers select Riller I believe he could play along side Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Though Riller was ball dominate at the College of Charleston, he has shown he play move well off ball to create oppourtinties for Ben to drive and kick. He can also come off the bench as your back up point guard and play a glorious pick and roll game with Embiid. That duo in my opinion would be deadly especially due to Riller’s ability to drive and finish at the rim. He honestly is the best in the entire class at creating space off the dribble and I don’t think it’s close. Grant Riller would look magnificent in a Sixers uniform come November 18th.

NBA Comparison: Fred Van Vleet

4. Jahmi’us Ramsey (SG) 6’5 200 lbs Texas Tech

Jahmi’us Ramsey is a name that has been slept on a good amount. In his lone season at Texas Tech, Ramsey averaged 15 points per game, and shot 42.3% from behind the three point line. According to he averaged 1.27 points per catch and shoot attempt in the half court. This stat was ranked in the 91st percentile. Combining his shooting ability, youth, and athleticism GM’s will be drooling over the potential this kid contains.

Another encouraging skill set about Ramsey is being a shot creator. Now, in the NBA Ramsey will be a pure 3-and-D player, but it’s a benefit for a GM and coach to know their 3-and-D guy can create out of an iso situation as well as catch and shoot. Ramsey finished in the 88th percentile on isolation possessions as a freshman.

The league is trending towards a transition game, so for Ramsey his athleticism and shooting benefit him to the max. Ramsey scored 1.17 points per transition possession which was ranked in the 76th percentile. He’s going to help a team in the future knocking down an abundance of transition 3’s.

Now, saying all that he’s good at, it’s time for the knocks on Ramsey. Unlike the other prospects Ramsey’s knocks are tad more serious. Ramsey is a true shooter there’s nothing else to it, which means his passing game and vision aren’t great. Theyre not horrible but they’re not great. Ramsey averaged 2.1 assist per game along with 2.0 turnovers a game. Not great if you’re looking for him to set his teammates up for a basket.

Another huge knock, which is probably the most concerning is his free throw percentage. Ramsey shot a measly 64% from the stripe this season for the Red Raiders. The one thing I’ll never understand is someone who shoots above 40% from three can shoot so poorly from the free throw line. This is something he’s gonna have to improve tremendously in the NBA, or he’s going to be deep on someone’s bench.

Ramsey would be more of a potential pick for the Sixers. He’s got a bright future in the NBA in my opinion due to his game fitting the mold of today’s NBA.

NBA Comparison: More athletic Robert Covington

Come November 18th, when Adam Silver announces the Sixers 21st overall selection, I expect one of these names to be the selection. All of these players have skill sets that’ll immediately help the Sixers offensively and some defensively.

Now that the Sixers have their front office in order with Elton Brand, Doc Rivers, Daryl Morey, Peter Dinwiddie, and Prosper Karangwa, it’s truly intriguing to see which way the Sixers go on draft night.

Featured Image: The Philadelphia Inquirer

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