Adam Schefter Says The Eagles Are Going To Be More Sellers Than Buyers. Ertz On His Way Out?

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Have to say I see both sides of the argument. This team needs a lot to be a real Super Bowl contender. It’s going to take more than one trade to get them to that height. Though, John Ross couldn’t hurt. Also, a team with this many holes needs their draft picks. Even given the fact this team can’t draft to save their lives.

Buuuuuut on the other side you have the fact that the NFC East is garbage this year. 7-9 might honestly win this division, or for the Eagles, 7-8-1. You might get bounced early in the playoffs but then again, you might not. Anything can happen in the postseason. We’ve seen in our lifetime we’ve seen a 9-7 Giants team defeat the mighty empire, New England Patriots. Maybe the Eagles add a linebacker that turns the defense into a band don’t break. Wat if Carson and the offense gets hot? Imagine if the team could stay healthy? JK, that is never happening.

Just have to get to the dance and see what happens.

Adam Schefter is the best in the biz though, and if says they are most likely sellers, than they are most likely selling. So if that’s the case, who’s getting sold?

Easiest guess, Ertz. He is due for an extension that the Eagles will not want to pay. Dallas has shown he can play at a high level in the NFL. Will he ever be as good as Ertz was the last 3 years? Probably not if we’re being honest but he might be able to get close enough. And before this year I would have told you you might be able to get a king’s ransom for the guy but not so sure now. He has looked completely disinterested in the offense. But I think he is still the Eagles most valuable trading asset that they’d be willing to part ways with.

The deadline will be interesting. I think the Eagles, in perfect fashion, will making some moves that look like sellers and others that look like buyers. They won’t even fully know where they stand. It’s the Howie way.

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