Tik Tok Is In An Uproar Because Of A Balloon Artist


I don’t particularly want to learn how Tik Tok’s algorithm works and why I’m being served content so specific as, for example, people that like to eat cheese after 10pm and sleepeat Tums in the middle of the night or women who contracted chlamydia from their ex who cheated on them with a grocery store employee.

Those would have no relevance to me at all, but for some reason every other Tik Tok I scroll through (vertically, albeit a little hard to learn. presumably a way to keep the olds off the app) connects to me on a deep and personal level.

Then there are the posts that just randomly go viral. Someone who is just so calmly minding their own fucking business when they are forced to step into the line of duty as the internet sensation of the day. A few months ago we all watched no less than 54 million posts of NYU kids complaining about being served moldy apples.

This week it’s an independent balloon artist who creates custom sculptures and event installations. Aptly named @that_balloon_girl, this young businesswoman lives in Houston and has been posting and promoting her work for approximately 1.5 months. And since we can’t just have nice things and admire them, the comments almost instantly found a way to cancel @that_balloon_girl for the prices of her pieces.


Custom color 5ft balloon mosaic $300 – if you can go to party city and spend $5 on balloons and replicate this please duet me- thanks #fyp

♬ Taste It – Ikson

What started as a fun sector of Tik Tok, like watching those people cut soap or press sand, this woman was forced to start defending her business and pricing. Responding to a comment she received from a stranger on her own account, she challenged poor people who can’t afford party balloons to spend $5 and make a fucking cool ass balloon letter in 30 minutes.

People who are literally struggling for money during a pandemic went out and bought colorful balloons and did a full day of arts and crafts just to stick it to a random balloon artist on Tik Tok. I guess I shouldn’t say random, this is @that_balloon_girl we’re talking about.

What she really probably wanted to say is sorry, not everyone can afford to spend $500 on party decorations for their child’s half birthday or use sorority dues to for a bomb ass recruitment door. You don’t get mad at people for driving Maserati’s just because you own a Honda Civic.

For people that are having an event where a 5′ balloon sculpture is appropriate, $500 isn’t even a drop in the bucket. Donald Trump owes $400 million in taxes. You think he’s not getting a full balloon installation in the Oval Office if he wins this election?

Everyone could build a house for less money and in less time than a construction worker but do you? No, you leave it to the god damned professionals. Leave @that_balloon_girl alone!

The Tik Tok gen pop has been all over @that_balloon_girl since she posted this video 2 days ago. I’m not sure why any 16 year old with a hot glue gun feels like they have a say in someone’s business, how they charge for it or how they would do it better. Shut the fuck up and let the balloon girl balloon. If you haven’t started professionally ballooning by now your time is up. People took time away from their paying jobs to prove it to a a balloon lady on Tik Tok they could make a balloon letter too. I’m about to challenge people they can’t find a cure for COVID in 30 days.

Other balloon artists have emerged from the woodworks and honestly, balloon art seems super difficult. You probably stay breaking nails, living in fear that you will pop a finished balloon going over a speed bump on the way to the baby shower. How about we just leave things to the professionals, and just don’t buy a 5′ balloon sculpture if you can’t afford it.


#duet with @that_balloon_girl GIIRL GET OUT 💀💀😭

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#stitch with @that_balloon_girl NOT THE BALLOON BEEF🤣🤣 #balloons #fyp #ProblemSolved

♬ Taste It – Ikson



#duet with @that_balloon_girl do your thing babygirl. Y’all confused… constructive criticism and blatantly hating on someone is two different things

♬ Taste It – Ikson


#duet with @that_balloon_girl a note about event decor from event people.

♬ Taste It – Ikson



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