The Flyers Should Bring Back These Jerseys Instead…

So you’ve probably seen the leaked Flyers Jerseys at this point and well, they are something to say the least. If you haven’t seen them yet the image is below along with the leaked Penguins Jersey as well.


The Penguins is actually decent I’ll admit that. The Flyers one on the other hand…I’m not a fan. Now that could change once I actually see them on the Ice but I don’t think so. I think it’s more because it’s not the throwback jersey I wanted. There were so many better options than this for example they should’ve brought back these bad boys instead…

Image-Game Worn Auctions

I absolutely LOVED these jerseys back in the day. These were straight fire and they looked great. I had a Robert Esche jersey in this style and I rocked that thing all the time. Easily one of my all time favorite jerseys. Just look how clean Esche looked with this setup…


I would love to see the boys rocking theses during a Saturday afternoon game. I can only imagine the clean setup that Cattah Haht would be rocking in these.

We will see if the leaked jerseys end up actually being legit or if it’s just another knockoff. The team hasn’t confirmed them yet so until then, I’d hold off on trying to buy one.

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