The Lakers’ Vegas Championship Party Looked Super Lame


Before we dive into this and everyone is all over me with the, ‘hey, have you heard of COVID?’ Yes I have but you’re still in Vegas and you still won the NBA Championship (kinda). And this looks like the world’s lamest party of of all time, championship or not.

There is no way JR Smith showed up on his own volition. LeBron had to beg JR to go to this. “Come on man. Remember that time when you forgot how much time was left and my reaction became a meme? You fucking owe me.” I’ve had more fun getting my teeth cleaned than JR Smith had at this party. He’s had wilder times at one of LeBron’s Taco Tuesdays.

COVID or not, you can’t have this type of championship celebration party. And if you do, you can’t let this get out. Rule 1 at the door, no phones. Let it be a mystery, tell everyone it was the wildest night of your lives. You can’t believe what you saw. Because this looks like they wrapped up this party with a crazy game of Scramble and a bottle of Pinot Noir.

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