Meek Mill Is The Key To Nick Foles’ Success

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I’ll be damned. Turns out Foles is still out here blasting Meek Mill and pulling out dubs like it’s his J-O-B. I’d love to see Foles dance. I don’t know, it just has to be the most entertaining and uncomfortable thing at the same time. Arms and dick just flopping all over the place. Pure chaos.

But apparently this is the secret to Nick Foles’ success. His Space Jam special stuff is Dreams and Nightmares. I feel like that is the moment he shifts into his alter ego. When he is home or out and about in the streets he is Nick Foles. Fun loving, God fearing and all around stand up gentleman. But, you toss on Dreams and Nightmares. The second he hears ‘HOLD WAIT A MINUTE!!!” It’s Big Dick Nick time. Like when the Incredible Hunk busted through his shirts when he got angry. Foles just busting out of his shorts when he gets hyped.

If I am the Bears front office this morning, I’m on the phone with Meek’s agent asking about how much it’s going to cost to move him into the stadium. This is past the point of just playing his music in the locker room. The Bears need to have him just singing in Nick’s ear 24/7. Where Nick goes, Meek goes.

PS: I don’t know where Meek lives now a days but Solider Field might actually be an upgrade.

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