Dan Orlovsky Was Out Of Breath Yelling At Max Kellerman

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Dan, don’t even waste your breathe and energy on this idiot. Max Kellerman is nothing more than Skip Bayless’ shadow at this point. Everyone goes left, he goes right. Everything likes something, he has to take a big stinky dump on it. His sports takes are beyond awful and I hate that I am even giving this attention myself. But I can’t not give props to Orlovsky for sticking to his guns on this. Even Stephen A. Smith was at a loss for words.

Max’s whole point of, well did they win the game? No they didn’t but if you actually watched that game start to finish you know that wasn’t on Wentz. He has had tough games this year and yes, he’s lost a game or two for them. But this was one of them. Wentz damn near carried this team to victory with 80% of his oline out, his top WRs and no tight ends.

Also they win or at least go to OT if Doug doesn’t call a two point conversion on their first score for no reason, he calls a better play on the final two point conversion and of course these:

Listen Carson isn’t having his best year, obviously. But if you thought Sunday he lost that game, you’re just a hater. And that’s fine if that’s the case but you’re wrong. Dan makes an amazing point, if anyone else brought their team back from that defect, vs that team with the amount of injuries Carson has around him. We’d be praising them today. They would be throwing around the word brave and gutty.

Time to give Carson a little bit more respect. And for the love of God Howie. Get the guy some receivers and O-linemen that can stay healthy.

Go Birds

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