Carson Wentz Isn’t The Problem For The Eagles, And He Probably Never Was


It was another classic “just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in” game from the Philadelphia Eagles. They were teetering on being a sheer disaster, down 17-0 at half. Then they added injury to insult when starters Miles Sanders, Zach Ertz and Jack Driscoll all left in the 2nd half.


But Carson Wentz just won’t let this team die.

He orchestrated multiple touchdown drives throwing to God knows who (Jason Croom, anybody?). He ran for his life and basically turned an NFL game into a backyard football affair. His 40 yard run where he refused to go out of bounds set them up for their first score. And he made some tough throws with pressure in his face all day to get them to 30-28.


They then ran one of the worst two point conversions play you could think of. The Ravens survived. And all of Wentz’ work was for not.


If I were Carson Wentz, I would be in an insane asylum. By the end of today’s contest, he and Jason Kelce were the only two remaining projected opening day starters left standing. He was the victim of two more excruciating drops, one of them for a would-be touchdown to Miles Sanders. His makeshift offensive line of names we barely even know got him killed literally from play one. 


Yet, there they were. Right into this thing to the bitter end, because Carson just wouldn’t quit. He finished with three total touchdowns, 213 yards passing and another 49 rushing. *whispers* He may have outplayed Lamar Jackson today.


Maybe it’s good today happened. Not the injuries, or the loss. But just the scenario that played out. Because if you can’t see Carson Wentz is a franchise quarterback after today, there’s no helping you. If you point to the quarterback position as one of the main issues of this team, there’s REALLY no helping you.


There is a loud minority who wants to run this guy out of town. At this point, why would Carson want to STAY in town. As John Clark points out, it’s been uh, tough sledding.


Carson usually gets the blame for all the shortcomings of this team. Look out there, look what’s around Carson. We may have been blaming him for the losses, but now he’s the only reason they have a sliver of a chance to win. 


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