This Guy Is Backtracking So Hard He’s Going To Hurt Himself

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Listen, I get it. You want to break a story of this magnitude. It will drive eyeballs and clicks. If he actually had a real source and this came true it would be huge. He’d get a ton of new followers. Unfortunately Bell did not go to the Dolphins and the internet is here to let him know about it. Dylan is here taking the ‘no seriously, I have a source’ route. Bold move.

I don’t know Dylan but what I do know is that there is a 0.00000000001% chance this guy actually has a source. Maybe less. He’s in LA, he’s not Miami beat writer. Why in the world would he just randomly have a a source in the front office of Miami. Makes less than zero sense.

Here’s what happened:

  • Dylan saw the first reports of the four teams Bell was interested in
  • Dylan saw an opportunity to ‘break’ some news
  • Dylan rolled the dice and came up with Dolphins
  • Dylan was wrong by a lot
  • Dylan creates a lie to try and save face

Leave this to the big boys

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