Rumors Heating Up: Flyers Tied To Laine

Intern Mitch

Two days in a row of hot Flyers rumors. If you have been following Flyers Twitter, it is no surprise that everyone wants Fletcher to pull the trigger and bring Patrick Laine into the Top 6 of the offense. This move would immediately make the Flyers elite. The problem is what do you give up, and do the Flyers have the room to do it?

Patrik Laine thriving during rookie season with Jets

When it comes to the Cap, not they dont. The signing of Gustafsson, and needing to resign Patrick and Myers, there is no room in the cap. But if they traded players to create room?

Winnipeg is not rebuilding, but a trade between both of these teams could prove beneficial. I think Winnipeg would want to add a Top 6 Forward and Top 4 Defensemen. Well my first picks would be Voracek, Ghost, a blue-chip prospect, and a first in the next draft. I would not be surprised if they tried to yank Sanhiem out of Philly too, considering the have not replaced Trouba. They are going to want a roster player since they traded to get Paul Stastny back.

Flyers Trading Jakub Voracek or Shayne Gostisbehere is Unrealistic - PHILLY  SPORTS NETWORK

The Flyers have the capital to move, they have their first, second, and third round picks in the next three drafts. Voracek and Konecny are really the only two “expendable” Top 6 Forwards on the Flyers lineup. The movement of Ghost, V, and a pick would clear up words of $12 million, but the Flyers would have to retain some cap. Patrick Laine is only making $6 million plus but is a RFA after this season.

Winnipeg isn’t going to give up a possible Elite goal scoring winger for nothing. Its going to cost the Flyers roster pieces, but just how many remains to be seen. If the Flyers are actually real contenders. Laine’s agent has requested a trade to get his client out of Winnipeg, but with the flat cap the move will be hard. We have seen players get stolen off of other teams right now cause of the cap.

Maybe Fletcher can make a move for cheap, but we will have to see. Trading Laine to Philadelphia would be extremely beneficial to both teams.

-Branded Mitch

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