LeBron’s First Order Of Business After Winning The NBA Title Was To Ground Bronny Jr Immediately


The first thing most Lakers players did when returning home from the Orlando bubble after winning the championship was, for example, go out to dinner with their Supermodel girlfriend, sleep in their own bed, eat tacos at a local LA establishment. But LeBron had other ideas after letting KCP finally spend some time with the Larry O’Brien trophy.

After video footage went viral where Bronny Jr was clearly advertising himself as a ganja smoking delinquent teenager who is now part of an intimidating video game gang, everyone wondered what Lebron Sr was going to do when he was free from the NBA bubble being restrained by his hopes of winning a 4th title. Truly I would rather this than Bronny joining a tik tok house.

First of all I love this thought process that LeBron could not possibly discipline his teenage son while in the bubble. It’s hard enough to raise a teenager when you’re under the same roof, but when you are distracted by creating offensive opportunities for guys like Danny Green, there’s just no time for parental guidance.

Today it appears we got our answer on LeBron’s plans for Bronny Jr after what many are calling The Bad Decision.

Honestly there’s nothing more embarrassing for a 16 year old than having LeBron James as a dad, but getting an old fashion grounding is a close second. Technically it feels like we are all grounded. Being grounded from a video game date with Odell Beckham Jr is a new low for Bronny.

What I am most sure of is that Bronny Jr will mature immensely from this stern grounding. You want to smoke weed? That’s it, I’m taking away OBJ. Stakes have never been higher. What’s the point of having LeBron as your dad if you can’t play a lil Warzone with OBJ? There is a poop joke somewhere in this situation but I’m going to let it happen naturally, much like the woman accused of attempting to shit on Odell’s chest just couldn’t do.

The least LeBron could do for Bronny after giving him the pressure of having the exact same name as him so that he is almost unable to form his own identity is let him have his own identity. LeBron (the dad) might want this clean cut cookie cutter image but Bronny might be his worst archnemesis yet.

Surprised it took so long for Bronny to be punished, to be honest. But when Queen Zhuri wants a tiny house replica playhouse for your backyard, grounding Bronny from his Warzone livestream hits the backburner.


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