Here’s Why The Eagles Injury Report Is More Eye Opening Than Usual (And Maybe In a Good Way)


Let’s take a moment to LOL at the injury report for the Eagles, as is weekly tradition:


Good thing they didn’t put Alshon Jeffery on PUP so he could come back in September huh?


Although the Eagles completely botched the Alshon injury situation, who cares if Alshon plays? We’re about one more Travis Fulgham game away from this not being a flash in the pan, Corey Brewer Sixers era situation. (Albeit, how fun was that week Corey freakin Brewer locked down James Harden). When Reagor comes back, he should play as well. Alshon and Desean certainly won’t be with this team next year. You KNOW they aren’t your future. But Fulgham and Reagor could be. You’ll only know for sure, if they get to play.
The same can be said at a variety of positions, especially given the injury situations. If Will Parks isn’t ready, K’Von Wallace should be starting. When Jason Peters is back, Jordan Mailata should still be starting.
Those are the easy ones. Which takes us to linebacker, where nothing has come easy the entire season. This week, they will be down two linebackers in a unit that was a dilapidated disaster for begin with. Can’t think of any reason Shaun Bradley and Davion Taylor shouldn’t be getting snaps this week.
They drafted Davion Taylor because of his sideline to sideline speed. This week, they’ll play the fastest quarterback in the NFL. The linebacking corps was depleted and untalented to begin with. If he can’t see the field this week he isn’t a project, he’s a bust.
And it’s not just the injuries at that position. This week on Birds vs Boys, I compared the play of Jalen Mills and Nate Gerry (as examples) to the kids in class when you were younger who couldn’t read. Yet, the teacher kept on calling on them. Don’t be mad at the kid who can’t read. Be mad at the teacher for continuing to call on them. They can’t fucking read! You KNOW what you have in these guys. And it’s nothing left to be desired. How could Davion Taylor be any worse?
This team had to get younger. But part of getting younger is finding out if these kids can actually handle NFL action. The Eagles have relied on the Jason Peters of the world far too long. It’s time to let go. You either find out your young talent, is as good as you once thought, or they stink and put you in a position to garner more young talent in the draft. You know what most of the veterans on this team give you, and it’s certainly not much.
Let the kids cook.
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