Carson Wentz, Second In The League Only Behind Josh Allen In One Interesting Stat

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Not going to read, Carson Wentz second in the league, often this year unless it’s in a negative category. But Here is one that I think gives him a little defense for his poor season so far. Not much, but a little.

So what does this all mean? It means Carson’s receivers are dropping passes at critical moments in the game and it’s costing this team points. Now to be far, Carson has also missed a lot of open receivers this season. On multiple occasions this passed Sunday Wentz looked to be forcing the ball to Fulgham, when he had more open looks elsewhere. A part of me can understand that but the other part says, when you’re playing a team like Pittsburgh, sometimes you have to take what you can get. So in no way is this defending Wentz’ poor season, just trying to provide a clear picture.

Another thing I find wildly interesting. Josh Allen leads the list here and the Bills are playing some very good football. Allen has 14 touchdowns to 3 interceptions and he is averaging 317 yards a game on 69% (nice) completion percentage. He is also boasting a quarterback rating of 113 and a total QBR of 86.8. Imagine what those numbers might look like had his receivers caught a few of this passes. You’d almost have to put him as the favorite for the MVP.

Back to Wentz quickly and what does this all mean? Honestly, not a ton. If you look at the list there are good and bad teams at both the time and the bottom. I mean, you’ve got the Falcons sandwiched right in the middle of the Seahawks and the Bucs. Will be interesting to see what this looks like at seasons end and if there is any correlation to records.

As for now, just catch the damn ball and Go Birds

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