Buffalo Bills Making A Big Mistake With Bills Mafia

Boy oh boy, what a mistake from the Bills here.

Bills Mafia is by the people for the people. Slapping a trademark on it, yes makes sense business wise but I mean have a heart. Bills fans have been losing games and breaking tables at an alarming rate for years. They are the lovable losers of the NFL. Basically every fans second favorite team because of Bills Mafia. It’s like football Mecca to travel to Buffalo, get shit faced and dive through a table. You can’t just turn Bills Mafia into some money making scheme.

Especially when the Bills are actually good. You could probably get away with this like 5 years ago but not now. Let the mafia stay as it was meant to be. Pure, uncontrollable chaos with no taste of corporate America. It reminds me of those old commercials where you’d see a guy throw trash on the ground and a Native American man would be shedding one single tear. It’s going to turn into that for Bills fans. A family of tailgaters will pull up in their official Bills Mafia shirts, take a table out of their mini van, set it up and put chips on it. One sad Bills fan sheds a single tear knowing the mafia will never recover.

End scene

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