Walsh’s Winner’s(NFL Week 6 Picks)

First and foremost I literally just realized as I was typing this blog up that we don’t have a Thursday Night football game….If you just remembered that as you read this I’m so sorry. Yes, we were treated to a Tuesday Night game but still that’s not enough. As much as COVID has sucked, getting football everyday of the week is something that I for one would not complain about. Now, as for Walsh’s Winner’s last week…..we did not have a great week only 8 wins to our 6 losses. But, don’t worry we’re gonna have a bounce back week this week I can feel it. So let’s get to my picks for week 6!


Sunday, October 18th:

1:00pm|CBS| Houston Texans(1-4) @ Tennessee Titans(4-0)-Titans

1:00pm|FOX| Cincinnati Bengals(1-3-1) @ Indianapolis Colts(3-2)-Colts

1:00pm|FOX| Atlanta Falcons(0-5) @ Minnesota Vikings(1-4)-Vikings

1:00pm|CBS| Denver Broncos(1-3) @ New England Patriots(2-2)-Patriots

1:00pm|FOX| Washington Football Team(1-4) @ New York Giants(0-5)-Football Team

1:00pm|CBS| Baltimore Ravens(4-1) @ Philadelphia Eagles(1-3-1)-Ravens

1:00pm|CBS|Cleveland Browns(4-1) @ Pittsburgh Steelers(4-0)-Steelers

1:00pm|FOX| Chicago Bears(4-1) @ Carolina Panthers(3-2)-Bears

1:00pm|FOX| Detroit Lions(1-3) @ Jacksonville Jaguars(1-4)-Lions

4:05pm|CBS| New York Jets(0-5) @ Miami Dolphins(2-3)-Dolphins

4:25pm|FOX| Green Bay Packers(4-0) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-2)-Packers

8:20pm|NBC| Los Angeles Rams(4-1) @ San Francisco 49ers(2-3)-49ers


Monday, October 19th:

5:00pm|FOX| Kansas City Chiefs(4-1) @ Buffalo Bills(4-1)-Chiefs

8:15pm|ESPN| Arizona Cardinals(3-2) @ Dallas Cowboys(2-3)-Cowboys


Overall Record(50-25-1)


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